Happiness is there, you just have to see it!

This is how we feel during, after and yet again before Corona.
Corona has rolled over us. Suddenly it was there, this virus that turned our lives upside down. Besides worries and fears, it gives us something that we hadn't expected: Silence and deceleration. From one moment to the next, our life, so full of everyday stress, was stopped. We were slowed down. Our guests were no longer allowed to come to us, we were no longer allowed to go anywhere. Yes, food shopping was the highlight of the whole week and suddenly we had something that is otherwise rare and infrequent - time.
Yes, we had time to do some work in the woods, in the fields and on our farm! But there was also plenty of time for our family. Time to cuddle, to argue and make peace, time to play, laugh and think together, time to go outside. And suddenly we enjoyed our home country as if we were on holiday ourselves. We discovered the beauties of our home village on quiet walks, marvelled at the unclouded panoramic view of the Sciliar, the Catinaccio and the imposing Dolomite mountains and enjoyed the sunrays in the fresh air. Short walks turned into longer hikes and a new, stronger connection to our Ritten grew within us. We rediscovered the Fenn and Freud Promenade, the Rittner Horn, the Wolfsgrubnersee and so much more, and marvelled at the beauty of the idyllic natural settings.

And we discovered something very important:
It makes you very happy to feel that you yourself are part of this beautiful world.

In the summer our farms were again well attended and we were able to make friends with new guests and to toast a wonderful holiday with "old" friends. Now, after a longer break, we are looking forward to opening our doors again and perhaps welcoming you to our home. Stay healthy and hopefully see you soon!
Hillebrand family
Via Zaberbach 9
39054 Collalbo / Renon
Bolzano (BZ) - South Tyrol
+39 340 415 4850