A hearty moo from the cow barn!

Well, would you have known? 10 fun facts about cows:
- Cows sleep between 7 to 12 hours throughout the day! I wonder if they dream of lush alpine meadows and the beautiful mountain panorama of the South Tyrolean Dolomites?
- Cows are red-green blind! Well, then the bulls at the bullfights probably don't react to the color of the cloth, but to its movement. And they probably don't recognize the great coloring of the autumn forests either.
- The oldest cow lived almost 49 years and gave birth to 39 calves! This world record is held by the Irish cow BIG BERTHA.
- Cattle moo - even within a breed - with local accents! Whether the farmer from the Pustertal recognizes the cow from the Vinschgau or from the Ritten, therefore by the mooing?
- Cows are usually somewhat shy of water - but contrary to rumors cows can even swim very well!
- The smallest cow in the world is called Manikyam. She lives in India and measures only 61 cm.
- Cows are very social animals! They form close friendships within their herd. Mutual licking strengthens the relationship between the animals and makes them relax.
- Cows have a keen sense of smell. They can hear smells that are up to ten kilometers away.
- In just one day, the cows drink a bathtub full of water. „Cheers!"
- Cows chew a good 30,000 times a day. On average, a cow eats 50 to 100 kilograms of grass, preferably from South Tyrolean meadows and fields, of course.